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Not like everywhere else ...

Centrally located in Copenhagen's most historic and colorful street, Nyhavn, you will find Hotel Bethel. The house has existed since 1904, and with over 100 years of history, the hotel is a solid part of Nyhavn, it’s history and not least- its future. Hotel Bethel, also known as the old Seamans Home, is today owned by a foundation, that operates as a non-profit business. Originally, the hotel housed exclusively traveling sailors, but today, it functions as a normal hotel, and welcomes guests from all over the world. Over the last 10 years, the hotel has won various awards, including "Travelers Choice" on Tripadvisor, several years in a row.

The historic hotel consists of three buildings, each with its own history and appearance. The "main building", the red building on the corner, the "yellow building" next door, and the old "warehouse" building in the backyard. Tucked between the buildings, as the only one in Denmark, you will find the hotels private Church. The hotel is definately, not like everywhere else..

Iconic location

The hotel is located in Nyhavn, on the Charlottenborg side of the canal, by the Nyhavn Bridge. The iconic Nyhavn, tells a story dating back to the 17th century, when the canal was known as a mercantile center for Baltic shipping.


In the following years, it became better known as a place where there could be maidens of joy, snarling sailors and daily police patrols. Today, the place has been transformed into a historic and attractive part of Copenhagen, where tourists come from far and wide to get the perfect and iconic "Nyhavn selfie", with the colorful buildings in the background. Hotel Bethel has one of Copenhagen's best locations, which certainly gives guests a very special atmosphere and unforgettable experience, that is hard to find elsewhere.

A short walk from the hotel there are a wealth of restaurants, tourist attractions, city & nature experiences.

Company agreement

Hotel Bethel - the place with good coffee, high speed internet, and a perfect central location.

With a company agreement at Hotel Bethel, you are spared for various price spikes, and get the same great hotel experience every time. The company agreement, gives you security in the price, as well as security in familiar surroundings.

Hotel Bethel welcomes you to lovely, homely rooms decorated with a special sense of the house, and it’s history. There are different rooms to choose from - all decorated in a Nordic design with a historic touch. Simply choose the category that best suits your needs.

At Hotel Bethel, we place a high value on recognizability and a homely atmosphere, and do everything in our power, to make your stay as comfortable and efficient as possible. Our reception is always ready to help the busy business traveller, well on their way.

If this sounds like something for you, then fill out the contact form here, and we will send you a non-binding offer, on a company agreement. You are also very welcome to write to the Hotel Director, Dorte Jensen, by e-mail to: dorte@hotel-bethel.dk

We look forward to welcoming you.



As Hotel Bethel is located in Nyhavn's, there is unfortunately no associated parking space, for use of hotel guests.
But, there are the following alternatives available:

Parking in parking garage

The hotel cooperates with Jeudan's new and modern parking garage under Kvæsthusmolen - only 250 meters from the hotel. The parking garage is open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Hotel reception sells 24-hours tickets for the parking garage, for DKK 350,-. Please contact the reception for further guidance and ticket purchases. See more about the parking garage here

Street parking

Street parking is available in the nearby streets of the hotel. Space is limited and must be paid for in the parking meter or via the "Parkman" app on your phone. It is usually possible to stop in front of the hotel for quick loading and unloading. Feel free to ask at the reception for parking instructions. Please see more info about street parking in Nyhavn and prices here

Jobs & employees

At Hotel Bethel, we have skilled and committed employees and take pride in treating all employees as part of the "family". We value traits ​​such as courtesy, warmth and care for our guests & each other, very highly.

We currently have no vacancies, but you are always welcome to send us an job application, where you draw attention to your professional skills, to info@hotel-bethel.dk.

Today, the hotel is managed by the Director couple Dorte & Poul Jensen, who have been in charge of the development of Hotel Bethel since 2012. In addition to the director couple, the staff consists of 15 skilled employees.


Good foundation management &
the Foundation's Board

See our Foundation’s board here